$100 / individual Registration Cost

Event Title: 2020 S1 - Labrador Mixed
Comments: Our Mixed Competition is held on Monday nights with game times of 6.15pm, 7.00pm, 7.45pm and 8.30pm.
Original End Date: 13/4/2020
Start Date: 13/1/2020
Teams are required to have 11 paid players (or pay the equivalent $1,100) by Round 3 to remain in the draw. Additional players above 11 are still required to register & pay their $100 rego fees.
Open Date: 26/12/2019
Players have until BEFORE the game on Round 2 to sign up and pay via this website. Starting Round 2 only paid players in the system are permitted to take the field. The Referee's will do a check using their online scoring system.
Nominations Close: 13/1/2020
Event Ends: 1/10/2020


http:// http:// http://


Cos Zantiotis Playing Fields
3 Jacob Dr
Labrador, QLD 4215
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Raymond Dent

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